go on

intersections meet the way
in that point which they want
just in case you are around
you must be a little bit aware
because priority
has no one that is the only one
that wants it and so on
there are a few rules
that must be respected.
hello said the rabbit to the fox
you’re good on sallamy label
but you’re so cruel
why should you want to eat me
when I’m so little
and naive?
the answer is each time propper
because I’m hungry said the fox
and you’re the very first one
that it might be around
so I must keep my self esteem
and take my chance with you


inca o data soarele prinde
si-n tine aduce o schimbare
ea reflecta-n teava mintii
tot ce n-a mai apucat sa iasa
de cand gerul a-nghetat
pana si vointe-n plan sa fie
mai mult decat simple dorinte.
cote-n proiectiile vremii
exfoliaza pielea sufletului
gol de-mprejurarile-n care
tu-ti redai prin amintiri frumoase
pofta vietii de-altadata.
negurile varfurilor incetosate
de mireasma zeilor cu indecizii
fac din toate cate se-ntampla
o poveste-n care esti
si-n randuri ca si-n viata
artizanul care-mbraca
roluri. decupleaza ticairea
si verificarilor pe monitoare
da-le veste ca sa-nceapa
setea de dreptate s-o toarne
forma exacta.

somewhere you belong

how many times do I have to stay
’cause waiting for you
it’s not an easy job to do
I’m not anxious to look for you
but let me know
if it could be possible
to think about it
and change your attitude.
nothing’s happened
nothing’s changed
all the thoughts are same
the travel has no way
when mind is not to clear.
the sea is unspeakable wider
ground is difficult to reach
but landing is the must goal
that I really feel
I must proceed.
hope you’ll be there
even if I know
you have already said
that the distance between us
it’s not just geographical one.


crescendo firav se duce
pana-n pene de condor
langa zeul cel mai rece
la chipul de asemanare
intre cer si nori
frisca si stropitori
firului de iarba
da putere si-ncredere
deplina in lumina
lemn e sufletul ce canta
sunetul respira viata
fluier mierla o proclama
ploaia ce alina
dor infierbantat
curcubeu-n sicana
suferinta mascata de caldura
ce pietrifica
val de vivacitate
cand ingerii suspina
seara pe racoare
pe terasa casei din spate
unde gardu-ntretine vantul
cu muzica-i rece si lina
ca o lira


pasari duc departe-n zari
coapte-ndelung rabdari
pe cerurile mintilor desarte
lovituri de gratie-n zori
tunand in miez de noapte
in maduva de sus
sageti-nfipte-n teci
ce-nteapa crac
si of aduce-n toi de zi
ca fideaua laptelui din bol
fiarta la foc mic
atat cat sa nu friga
buza ce rasufla usurata
ca dup-o bataiala
la cinci-sase grade intensitate
noaptea-n pat din laterala.
surprize pasc si fiecare pas
conduce-ntr-o directie
a carui sens se capata
treptat pe scara biruintei