shall we dance?

the bartender accuracy is off
the record might be in danger
when undoubtable situation
make our days more complicated
and this realities colored
in many way, with dark
and lights shaddows
terrible truths may come out
from the unspoken mouths.
the eyes that stop to see us
always appear so strange to admit
they will be lost in the dark
crowd left out memory
subway to missused encounter.
hostility still rolls up the wander
nervozity tried to put the finger
crossed to the main painful spot
on your undefeated back.
anxiety may occur the darkness
’til the morning early sunset
dawn has forgot about it
so let’s just have a good time,
would we?


it was the second chance to be given
to the one who really deserve it
until the morning it’s on the sky
and no mercy is anymore
to recoil the converter
from the way it was putted in
just to fill the gap
and whatsoever to explain
what the main purpose is
choice to complete it
because it is the best way
things work
and don’t even have a clue
about it and you go to the next level
where the things are all in one
depending one for each
so ever it was and it will be too
the maximum correction of the nature
when the smartness dissapear.


testul celui iubit de zei
n-ar fi putut fi oricand
acela care sa treaca
prin filtrulsitei de mai sus
de orgolii si prejudecati
orice strop de baliverne
care sa mai stavileasca
cursul apei ce nu sta
dupa cum nimeni n-ar intelege
cum, de ce si cand
e o pata si-n mormant
pieptul care nu mai bate
cat sa tina vie
curgerea de energie
peste tot pe unde duce
orisice ungher de trup
ce-i in fapt
univers complet
la scara macro.
pianul a cantat deja de seara
si e pentru poate chiar ultima seara
cand o face fara ca sa traga
funia ce lasa-n libera cadere
catifeaua din cortina
sa-ngemaneze si crepuscul
si supliciu nocturn.


written down my memories are still
the thing that keeps me alive
when all the hours passing by
are still moving the time live
from one point of the start
to another one, when all ends up.
like you go to sleep
the clock ticks life away
so you shouldn’t put it behind
but keep it closer to yourself
and there’s no worry about it
it’s a lot of time
and you don’t even imagine
how it looks like.
the spring is still here
getting ready to reveal
it’s her choice when it should come up
and the flowers, all of them
will finally start to grow
no matters how long your hair is
or even the length of your feet
but your shoes size tells a lot
about yourself:
you can not easy fall.


corabia fulgilor ce-si canta
neatinsa interludiul
joaca-n urma cetii
pronia razelor de lumina
ce-adoarme din fasa
viata asta stramba
care s-a-mbolnavit de tot
de moarte.
pe umerii pedepselor
sperante descind pe franghii
in mormintele sapate-n stanci
cu ghearele crescute-n taina
in mizeria dinauntru
si nu, nu mai revitalizeaza
niciun vierme, gargauni
sau larve care sa vrea
zborul s-atinga-n soare
libertatea ce n-are egal
cand aerul
nu mai pica greu
ca pica. e iradiere
e meschinarie
nimic nu e doar tot ce pare
si pana la dezpielitare
nu e vorba doar despre
anticipari si presupuneri
ce se adeveresc sau nu
cu timpul care n-are de pierdut
pe drum decat pe unul si altul
care nu se regaseste
nicidecum altceva.