so, I’m gonna catch you if I can
but ’til then
I’m gonna find you
because I never stop looking for you
no matter what that could mean.
i promise myself this
as the only one statement
that figures me out
what I really am
in a matter of
being serios with my inner being
and the voice that almost all the time
I hear in my mind
every single second of my life
until I put my head on the pillow
before I’ll start night journey
in the fairy tales space
and time
color and dreams
where all can be possible
aven better than in here
where & when I struggle
with all the dutties
and keep me wake up
and aware to prevent
or to be capable of repair
all the damages that they can
come up from nowhere
only if and only when
you forget to keep you alive
from time to time


ies spre soare-n salturi ample
ies spre soare-n salturi ample
pesti de aur ore moi
diminetilor cu luna plina
portocalei stoarse-n rou
a fina
sarea picura cartofii
care-si schimba forma bruta
farfuria-i tine bine
si pe ea fata de masa.
linisteste-n orele cele dintai
pofta cea sinfonica
de timpuriu.
aripi bat in ritm de vals
peste-a cerului tesatura
care-mbratiseaza-n bratele-i longiline
dare ce se pierd din ochi
cand ceasul ticaie
patrupede colorate
in avant de vanatoare calma
stau la poza-mpresurate
doar de haina dinafara
cand pe racoare dimineata
ploaia-mi miroase a tine

curea neagra

puf de galbena restriste
zebre citadine raspasite
pe un verde agreat
calatoresc de buna seama
spre zarile lungi si-nalte
triunghiu-n care nimeni poate
sa adauge ceva si mai comun
in circumstantialitate
bonomilor ce se desfunda
in literalitatea sora cu fratia
ce nu-i de ajuns
ca sa mai tina
unitatea aproape
de realitate
se preumbla prin carari
pe sub crengi vanturate
de pale adieri incoltite
de lumini aspre ce-nghit
fotoni si grade pe sub aripi
brate inaltate la cer
pretind sacralitatii dorul
ratacit printre alunele
scapate aseara la cina
veveritelor din parcuri.
muzica de Bach…

big big rush

sorrow would not be aswel
as a park picked vehicle
forgoten in the middle of the road
in the middle of the day
in the perfect match
of two big crossed roads
going to nowhere else
instead of the kiss
you chose to washed it out
with sky teardrops
blue birds sing for hard days
when music won’t works out
and the buckle hurts
if your tempered failed
to manage
all the situation details
penalties in the matter of running
day by day with a car
in a weak attempt
to forget
about yourself
and the voice within
that tells you every night
try to sleep
and perhaps you’ll be trying then
to dream
for something
or imagine someone close to you
not even because you’re already laid down
and your skin warmed out
beneath the surface of the cover
of your bed.
it is a matter of dealing
with your trully heart
going very early in the morning
I mean completely in the dark
courageous way to put it right
going out to down town
for see and check
the power of the heart
where it is probably the best
place for her to seat
and breathing cold air
means not have to much expectations
from your shaking legs
if they won’t listen to yourself
much enough
to come back
until the early come up dawn


si ne-mpresoara cand printre gropi
calcam noi ca sa trecem
prin noroaie ca s-atingem
ceru-n punctele acelea
ce se vad cand el coboara
chiar aici-colea
pe pamant.
si e si grund
si e si lut
nisip s-a scurs
n-a mai ramas nimic
sunt cartile date
pe fata, toate
si din jokerul acela
doar un ranjet a mai ramas
cand pe felia de pita
gustul amar al neputintei
se-nghite sec
cu saliva uitat-a noptii
care tine loc
de ibricul cald luat de pe foc
din care versi cu duiosie
si umpli pe masa
langa felie
ceasca cu aburii
ce te trezesc.
hai, buna dimineata, lume
si zdub si zdob
si radio romania
sau alege tu o tara
oricum pamantul care tine
pe umerii sai o departare
omenia-i de fatada
cand miracolu-i sublim
acolo, undeva
pe alocuri.