just like that

frozen is the feeling that you’re experienced
when the sky was fallen apart
and no more stars were shinning
the universe has lost its tray
like also the missed
his ray
on a day
when teardrops are falling
from the eyes of an angel
the father-sky and his mother
earth, they aren’t a few memories
consciousness has lost
till the morning dawn
goal reach the top of wish
in a handy man little brain
carpenter love the wood
but not like a woodpecker
he touch his metalic lips
to trees innocence
which it is taking away
just like that


nu te mai misca atat
dai impresia de nerabdare
pe care o anuleaza doar ceata
din ochii pe care tu nu-i stii
dar ea semnalizeaza
demult pasii-ti incerti
si lenti si alandala
pe toata parcela
cand in fapt o carare
ar trebui s-ajunga
sa te duc-acolo unde vrei
dar cine esti tu sa-ti dai seama
cand toata scoala nu te-nvata
cu tine sa duci fiecare batalie
ora de ora
si capul pe perna
in liniste sa pui
c-ai inteles si acceptat
tot ce ai decis
ca si-ai de dus

caught up in the middle of

just in case you haven’t find it
the truth isn’t caught in the book of leaves
but it is the feeling you have
when the smile on your leaps
touch the sweetness flavour of the mouth
of the most beloved person
that you have found
down here
on the earth
song instead of a kiss
it is not about a miss
not even when you miss
something that used to complete
your lack of power
by the sunrise
’cause you’re still dreamin’
to the girl with blue scarf
and her thin smooth neck
which match with her all body
into the perfect picture
of the universe

caring at its best

when you’ve swollen ancle
sleep more and see by that
it won’t be able to provide
the best action that you can
for the good of the others.
to much tidy cleaning paper
will be use by the time you wash
your powerful two hands
attempted to awake
the dead people from their yard
where they used to sleep away
so far.
just to remember when you’re back
from all that you’ve tried
to overpass all bad moments
and you not succeeded
how good is to be
live again the life
and please enjoy


by keeping your word
it’s a matter of pursue
all those that make you clear
in the words unspoken
by the others lips
no more other men’s land
after the darkness
neither perfectly morning
after the flood
by the time when all good things
come, unavoidably to an end.
it’s such a tremendous value
that egg which keeps you entire
in its parts structure measure
that it make you to be
the one who claim
you are.
bricks build walls
and lovers gain lives
altogether is just one love,
trully, I mean.
Hare Krsna Hare Hare