lacrimi de croco’ (deal with it)

natural truly sincere tears
are falling down to the nose
from my red eyes in the darkness
of the night, cruel frizing outside
and empty in my soul,
a voice that I hear
down there within
is whispering inside
go, search, seek
and follow the steps
through the middle of
the living elements
gathered together
near you and chose
the right way
to reach out down there
you need it to be
in order not to disapoint
anyone, neather yourself.
and make all that actions
just to fulfil the jumping
from your material being
into the clouds of spirits
and remain there
without a plane to get
some other time back
to the departed life.

lacrimi firesti si neprefacute
imi cad acum spre nas
din ochii-nrositi in intunericul
noptii, ger crunt afara
si gol in sufletul meu
o voce de-o aud
imi sopteste-nauntru
du-te, cauta, cerceteaza
si urmeaza pasii
catre mijlocul
elementelor vietii
adunate laolalta
langa tine si alege
calea dreapta
ca ca gasesti acolo
ce si unde trebuie sa fii
doar ca sa nu dezamagesti
pe nimeni, nici chiar pe tine.
si fa tu toate astea
ca sa-mplinesti saritura
din fiintarea-ti materiala
in norii spirituali
si ramai acolo
fara vreun avion care
sa te coboare candva
‘n lumea ce-a murit.


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