The light in our souls

And when the cloudly sky

 Goes far away from the place

That for now I call home

I promise not only to myself

That’s going to be ok

When the moon stay up

In the old sky and it seems

To me that light not so shy

Because it’s written into the stars

From the very beginning

Follow your purposes

And after do not be unwilling

To all those who helped you carry out

And make you succeed

It’s been the natural feeling not to shout

All the people that makes you increase.

And so on look up in the sky

To see the sun how it smiles to you too

Of course you’ve the right to hope to

Win sometimes all the battles ’till Good Bye

You’ll be saying if you’ll gonna be able to

All those that feel for you

Sorrows, hate, love and carry

That’s the nature’s way, not at all scary!

P.S.: Smile and act, don’t be shy at all! 🙂

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